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In the winter of 2013, the east coast of the United States was pounded by a series of heavy snowstorms. Not much by the standards of the prairie or far north, but heavy enough to take out power for considerable stretches of time. Generator Guy’s infant son was having a rough winter; during one memorable storm (and resulting power outage), the 9-month-old was recovering from pneumonia. That incident was immortalized in Generator Guy’s family album with picture’s of a disgruntled little boy in a snowsuit inside the house. And this is in the tri-state area, not some wind-swept, isolated homestead in the midwest!

Had Generator Guy been an expert in portable generator types and backup power than, perhaps the scenario could have been avoided. Perhaps we could have hooked up a portable heater, the baby’s nebulizer… Thankfully, all ended well, and even the perishables stayed cold (we stuck them outside on the porch. Not that it was so much warmer indoors).

This site, then, aims to educate consumers, whether newbies or old hands, on choosing the best portable generator for their needs. Whether it’s a backup power supply, camping needs, or worksite power, there is a portable generator out there with your name on it, and we aim to help you make an educated buying decision.

Take a few minutes to look around our site. Perhaps you’d like to look at our introductory page, which defines many important terms related to portable generators, and includes thumbnail reviews. Or maybe you’re here to discover the quietest portable generators? Less typical dual and tri-fuel generators are covered here.