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PowerPro 56101: Great Recreational Generator

powerpro 56101

The PowerPro 56101 is ultra-portable and affordable to boot

The ultra-portable PowerPro 56101 2-Stroke Generator packs a nice amount of power in a compact profile. As part of a class of inexpensive, made-in-China, 1000 watt generators, it stands out in a number of ways.

PowerPro 56101: Take It Anywhere

Weighing in at only 36 lbs, it is easy to carry, and has an easy-carry handle as well as four rubberized feet for stability.

Additionally, the unit is equipped with a spark arrestor, and is CARB-compliant,making it ideal for use in any national park or forest, and an excellent choice for recreational pursuits such as fishing or camping.

At 60 dB, it is quieter than some others of its class, but you still don’t want it a few feet from your tent while you try to sleep.

Runtime and Fuel Efficiency

The PowerPro 56101’s 1 gallon tank takes a mixture of gas and oil, eliminating the need for oil changes, but adding the complexity of having to mix gas and oil, which
The unit is rated for 900 running watts, and a full 1-gallon gas tank will provide run for 5 hours at half-load.

Power Panel

The power panel includes one three-pronged AC outlet and one two-pronged 12V DC outlet. Each has its own circuit reset button. It also includes a voltmeter to measure output.

Price and value

At under $150, the price of the PowerPro 56101 really speaks for itself, but as with any made-in-China generator, there will inevitably be some shoddy workmanship. On the whole, the generator received good reviews (averaging 4.1 stars) from Amazon customers, but only 55% were 5-star, and fully 17% were 3 or fewer stars. Unhappy customers complained of cheap construction, but were on the whole resigned to the fact that that is the tradeoff for cheap equipment.


The price of the PowerPro 56101 is hard to beat, but to a certain degree you will get what you pay for. Many, if not most customers will have a fine experience, but if you are depending on this generator for a mission-critical project, you may want to invest in something more reliable. For adding comfort to a fun outdoor adventure, this can be an excellent, budget-friendly choice.

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