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Champion Generator Review: 42436 1500-Watt Portable

champion generator review: 42436For lightweight power use, the Champion 42436 1500-Watt Portable Generator is a super-popular choice. As Amazon’s #1 bestseller in the portable generator department, it has a large and enthusiastic fan base, and it’s easy to see why. Its excellent entry-level price point (around $200 on Amazon), free shipping, and numerous excellent customer reviews are all factors that point to its popularity and value. Our Champion generator review below will discuss the details of why that is.

Champion Generator Review: 42436 1500 Watt

Weight and Portability

Weighing only about 56 pounds, it is light enough to be highly portable, and at 65 dB, it is slightly quieter than some comparable generators, such as the Powerland PD2000 Portable 1500-watt Gas Electric Generator (67).

Power Supply

It is important to note that although marketed as a 1500 watt generator, this unit actually has 1500 SURGE watts; its running watts are 1200. According to the generator’s marketing copy, its 1200 rated watts can power lights, a TV and a fridge simultaneously. However, you will want to confirm that the power supply is adequate for your needs. First, check that your surge wattage will be under the unit’s 1500 maximum surge watts; and second, that your total running wattage is under 1200 (some modern fridges require quite a bit more).

The generator has 1 120v outlet.

Fuel type, runtime and efficiency

The 42436’s 1.45 gallon gas tank holds enough fuel to run the generator for 10 hours at a 50% load (for the uninitiated, generators are measured a t a 50% load because they must always run at a constant rpm; hence using less power does not save fuel, it simply makes operation less efficient).


This generator features overload protection, which will shut off power supply in case of an overload rather than damage the generator; a low-oil sensor that helps protect the engine by letting you know when you are running low on oil; and a voltmeter.

Start type

Like most economy-model conventional generators, the Champion 42436 comes equipped with a manual pull-start cord.

Several buyers reported slight difficulty with the manual start. It can take several pulls to ignite, and although most buyers had no problem, some found that the cord wasn’t strong enough to take the stress. Otherwise, the generator received great marks for strength and durability.

CARB Compliance

The Champion 42436 is CARB compliant, meaning that it is approved for sale and use in California as well as all other states of the US.


All in all, the Champion 42436 1500-Watt Portable Generator is a great entry-level generator. For users without high energy consumption, this generator provides good dependability and value for money.

To learn more about other models, visit our portable generator review home page, where you will find Champion generator reviews as well as other brands.

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